Our list of dances and DJs is now live! Be sure to check out Dance 'Til Dawn and DJ Competitions!


Introducing our GOH, Sidian! Show some love!

Kijani Lion

Introducing our GOH, Kijani Lion! Better get in the car and come to BLFC!


Take BLFC TO THE MAX and get super awesome goodies!

Book a Room

Rooms start from $75/night on Friday & Saturday, and only $52/night on other days!


There's lots to do at the Grand Sierra Resort, like go-karts, 24 hour bowling, and more!

Fun Stuff

Our con has lots of fun stuff for you to do!


We'll make a great team!

Totally Radical!

Biggest Little Fur Con is back and badder than ever!
We're going back to the Awesome Grand Sierra Resort in late March to chill and dance and shop and see all our excellent friends! BLFC is a different kind of con: everything is in one big room where there's always something rad going on.

We have eleven places to go eat without having to leave the building, and lots of space for people to chill out and enjoy the chaos! Our rooms are quite affordable (and not small), and there's even lots of other stuff to do on top of spending three days at a tubular fur con!

Pre-register today! You won't regret it!


Chance the Dragon put this wonderful video together, check it out!

More fan videos: Mischief Makers!

Filming: Haru / Allegro


A short film starring AL the Wolf and Telephone Ring Ring.

Film made by Bio Biogodz and Zori-RaveHound.

Little did furries know, there were mysterious notes all over the place warning of Telephone Ring Ring.

Let’s get the BLFC2014 fan videos started! :3


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